Parts of Valenzuela City had been razed by fire on May 13 which resulted to 31 dead victims as reported by Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

According to chief Ariel Baraguya of BFP in an interview with DZBB, the body count was still unofficial as they are still unable to check to whole factory due to the danger it posts to the rescuers. Earlier, the BFP reported three dead people due to suffocation, one identified as a relative of the factory owner.

Fire on Valenzuela Factory Resulted to 31 Dead Victims
It was reported that 63 factory workers were in the building when the fire started. However, the count was still unsure as it was based on the relatives who reported that a relative had gone to the factory to report that day. Thirty-nine survivors had been reported, yet it is still not sure if there are others who were still able to get out of the factory but went to another part of the area.

At around 4pm, the fire was declared under control but it still took hours before it was put out. It was already late in the day and it was not safe for the rescuers to get into the building. Mayor Rex Gatchilian shared the report of BFP that nobody in the building survived, yet it is not sure if all workers reported that day was inside the factory during the fire. He asked the relatives to still try to contact their family members who work in the factory.

The official death toll will only be reported once the authorities got inside the building. It was also said that many were in the second floor of the building when the fire started. BFP officials shared that it was hard to control and eventually put out the fire due to the smoke of the burnt rubber and other materials in the slipper factory.

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