Dionisia Pacquiao, known to many as Mommy D had openly challenged Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) about her tax assessment allegedly questioned by the department. In her birthday celebration, she told media that her lawyers are tackling the tax case in the Court of Tax Appeals.

Mommy D questions the tax case as she is jobless and only manages with her children’s financial help. She said that the case was not also clear to her, but her lawyers are doing their jobs. She did not even have a building and the church she managed to help built did not warrant any tax.

Dionisia Pacquiao Questions BIR about her Tax Case
The mother of Filipino Boxing Icon had recently celebrated her 66th birthday and was happy to share that the gift she wanted was the safety of her son in the megafight that was just concluded in Las Vegas on May 3.

This year, the PacMom had a low key celebration instead of her yearly big birthday parties. Her birthday celebration also coincides with the blessing for the chapel she had helped built.

Manny Pacquiao, on the other hand, revealed that PacMom was not feeling well since she came home from the United States, the reason she did not dance in her celebration.

However, BIR Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto-Henares had clarified that BIR had not yet filed a Tax Evasion case against PacMom. It was Pacquiao’s camp who first went to the Court of Tax Appeals and not the BIR. BIR indeed audited Mrs. Pacquiao’s tax payment and they discovered some deficiencies.

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