After being mummed for weeks on the speculations of his relationship with Erich Gonzales, actor-model Daniel Matsunaga had finally broke his silence and admitted the truth. He and the actress are officially a couple.

On @anlizbej78’s Instagram account, the Pinoy Big Brother winner’s follower posted a collage of photos of Matsunaga and Gonzales. In the middle of the collage is a screen shot of a post from Vanessa Pianera asking if the actor is together in a relationship with Gonzales. Matsunaga clearly answered yes.

Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales are Officially in a Relationship
The collage had a caption saying that the follower could not help but post the collage and repeated that Matsunaga had answered yes to the straight forward question.

Though it is not clear if the two are just exclusively dating or already in a serious relationship, the two had been posting their photos together in their respective Instagram accounts.

It was also not clear when did Gonzales broke up with her non-showbiz boyfriend of four years but it was Kris Aquino who had confirmed that news that Gonzales was no longer in a relationship. Then rumors of Matsunaga dating Gonzales had surfaced after their photos had been put up in their social media accounts.

The two spent together a weekend in Hong Kong. Matsunaga denied that he had something to do with the breakup of Gonzales’ past relationship. He had respected the relationship and shared that he won’t date the Two Wives actress as long as she is in a relationship.

Vanessa Matsunaga also shared to PEP that Gonzales makes Daniel happy and their family loves her for that. Even Matsunaga’s mother had been posting the photos of the couple.

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