In an exclusive interview of GMA’s Startalk, Jam Sebastian’s mother, Maricar Sebastian, had spoken up on her feelings about Jam’s fiance Michelle Liggayu. JamMich is a real life couple turned YouTube celebrities who had various TV appearances.

Various issues had been circulating on Maricar Sebastian’s feelings on Mich Liggayu. She used to keep mummed on the issues until the 40th day of Jam’s death. She finally broke her peace and shared that Mich had been hiding all of Jam’s assets.

Before Jam’s hospitalization and demise, he and Mich had live together for some time and his mother had been against it. The couple was able to build some assets. Now that Jam had passed away, Mrs. Sebastian is asking for her son’s finance breakdown. She then shared that she isn’t a stage mom and did not touch even a single cent from jam’s earnings when he was alive, but now that he is gone, she insisted that she had the right for it.

Mother of Jam Broke her Silence and Reveal the Reason of Conflict with Michelle Liggayu
She then further shared that she did not even wanted to speak up publicly, but when she was asking for Jam’s personal belongings Mich allegedly said that she will first consider it. Mrs. Sebastian explaines that Jam worked hard for the assets and he is half of JaMich, so she was asking for Jam’s share, but Mich allegedly refused.

It had been discovered that Liggayu left the house where she used to live with Jam, but she also took almost all of his belongings. All that was left was the aircondition unit, a hospital bed and the wheelchair. Mrs. Sebastian said that Liggayu never informed them about it. She also shared that Mich logged out all of Jam’s social media accounts including his Gmail where their earnings from YouTube is being sent.

Jam’s mother clarified that she was not looking for sympathies, but she wants people to stop using her son.

On the issue about Liggayu and Neo Domingo, Mrs. Sebastian shared that Liggayu used to spend more time with Domingo than her fiance. Liggayu is mummed on the allegations and is still yet to answer them.

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