According to the studies, time has changed and women are now having more opportunities to work as faculty members and scientists. In the recent studies, junior scientists are rated by U.S. college faculty members based on their job interview, scholarly record, and other information. They also prefer women with two to one ratio as reported on April 13, 2015.

The candidates used in the studies had been invented to create a sample pool with various factors including parental status, gender and professional career. Various factors affect  the evaluation yet, Wendy Williams of Cornell University, co-author of the studies, shared that the result was unexpected as the study was done to explain the underrepresentation of women in academic science.
In the end the studies even showed the women now have more opportunity in academic science.

Studies Shows that Women Now are Having More Opportunities than Men
Women used to be limited in academic science technology, engineering, and math, known as STEM and 25% of full professorship was made up of women as per National Science Foundation. This is due to prejudice against women, gender bias and other discriminating factors.

The study was aimed to explain this problem, yet the recent studies turned a different way. Women became stronger candidates for the offered positions. Williams and co-author Stephen Ceci created five experiments for the studies. Exactly 873 faculty members at 371 colleges received made up resumes including of women well represented in biology and psychology and women who are not well represented in economics and engineering.

As a result, women were first in the ranks for 67 percent of participants. They clarified that this does noy mean that discrimination had been irradicated, but there had been a change. People now seemed to value the gender diversity and women candidates are upgrading either consciously or unconsciously.

However, the studies contradicts another study in 2012 where in highr ratings went to candidates with male names than females.

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