On its seventh installment, the iconic video game Tekken finally introduces a Filipino character named Josie Rizal who is ready to kick butt with eskrima and kick boxing. Named after the Philippine’s national hero, Jose Rizal, Josie Rizal is clad with costume in colors same as those in the Philippine flag: yellow, white, red and blue.

On March 29 , 2015, Bandai Namco Games announced in an event that the iconic arcade game will expand its characters as the new comer Josie Rizal is also joined by returning character fighters Devil Jin and Jin Kazama. Jin Kazama has been discovered as a hidden sub boss in the game.

Jin will be relaunched on March 31, 2015 while Kazama will soon be in the game again on April 7. Josie Rizal’s debut is still to be set but the game’s Filipino fans already expressed their excitement while other fans share different reactions.

Tekken Finally Introduces the New Filipino Character Named Josie Rizal
In a clip released by Bandai, Josie Rizal showed her strong moves, combo strike attacks. She won in the clip yet she cried which many also commented about. She is wearing a yellow long sleeved top with white lace and red with blue mini-skirt, the colors of the Philippines flag.

While some say that Josie does not seem to have the Filipino accent, Katsuhiro Harada, Game Driector of Tekken, reminded that it is still a game. On his Twitter account, he shared that Josie has a sad history that people don’t know about that’s why she cried when she won. He thanked the Filipino fans for the positive feedback on the character.

The announcement of the three characters to be included in Tekken 7 had come after a leak had spread in the internet. Clips of these characters had surfaced which allegedly came from the game’s character database.
Tekken is an iconic Bandai Namco Games fighting arcade franchise that had generated movies, anime and even comic books. Originally released in 1994, a vast array of characters can be chosen from and each one has his or her own fighting style, ethnic background and origin including supernatural sauch as devil, ogre and angel.

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