Dreaming of a life where you can make your passion as your job and earn money at the same time? Your dream is really possible if your dream is to be like these 10 ordinary people who can earn decently without going through too much stress.

Top 10 Easiest and  Highest Paying Job in the World
10. Personal Trainer  $25,470
Personal trainer helps people who want to tone their muscles, lose weight or streghten their cardio. Personal trainers plan training programs for the clients to achieve the client’s goals. It is up to the clients if they will follow the program strictly, but even if they don’t the trainer is still getting paid. The trainer plans the workout and the client will sweat it out. If you are a person who loves getting in shape then this one could be you.

9. Photographer  $26,080
If you have an eye for a good image and has the skill to capture it, then you might find this job both interesting and fascinating. Invest on a good equipment and tinker its abilities. You can even do some experiments with the rules of photography such as the rule of third. Capturing moments and landscapes can also take you to places you might have only dream of. Find some tutorials which can be in person and online. Who knows, your passion in photography might land you to a tour around the world and you will be paid at the same time.

8. Songwriter  $43,000
If you have a love for music then this could be the one for you. There is no need to study the technical side of music, all you have to do is let the inspiration flow in and sketch them through words or lyrics. It does not matter if it is not that good at first but soon you will be able to refine the songwriter skills. Even Ed Sheeran admitted that the songs he wrote were not really good at first but they eventually became gold, it just started with an inspiration. You might never know if an artist might buy it and make it into a grand song that will give you royalties in years just like Hugh Grant in the movie ‘About a Boy’.

7. Massage Therapist  $51,400
Therapists could work in a place with soothing music and aromatic oil or incense. Everyday they work in the place where they could relax and work at the same time. They have to be free from stress so they can relieve the stress of their clients. All you have to do is have a proper training and a license. The fee can also go up according to your experience. You can even be a freelance and go to your clients’ homes.

6. Tour Guide  $52,000
Many people dream of staying in a beautiful place they visited during the vacation. Well some people who stay also earn money as a tour guide. If you are a ‘people person’ you can go ahead and give a tour of the tourist spot and tell them stories about it. What is the significance of the place and share its uniqueness. You might encounter the same question over and over, but if you like sharing what you know then it is a bonus.

5. Power Plant Operator – $73,300
Even though you might have a lot of responsibilities as an operator, it only requires simple actions such as flicking switches of the engines and machines. Electricity of cities depend on power plant operators to do their job well. All you need is a vocational diploma and pass the math and science proficiency tests.

4.Computer Software Engineer – $80,519
In so many list of best paid jobs, Computer Software Engineer is always included. If you love computers and programming then there is no stopping you from earning while doing what you love. Social interaction is very limited if you are also not keen of crowds. You can also be a freelance and work at home making computer games and other software or be part of a firm. Remember Flappy Bird? How about the other games that went viral? These earned millions.

3. Artist  $100,000
It is common idea that being an artist requires not only inspiration but sheer luck. Not all artist get a break but if you do then money will start flowing. If you have a talent to draw, paint or make posters, then this one is for you. You can even use mix media and and sold your art to a highest bidding collector.

2. Freelance Writer – $105,000
Freelance writers work at home where they get the maximum comfort. They can control their time of work, pick the job they want to write a job and reject if they think they can’t make the deadline. If you have a passion for writing, then this job is perfect for you.

1. Optometrist – $124,600
Optometrist helps people have better vision. It may seem like complicated but the tools they have do the work. An Optometrist  will have to diagnose the problem and give solutions to the clients. They help the client choose the best solution and at the same time, they are earning money.

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