Celebrity couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes confirmed that they are having a baby. Dantes shared that he is excited to reveal that his wife if expecting a child. The TV personalities were married in December 2014 and their wedding had been called as the ‘Royal Wedding’, catching not only the national interests but as well as international.

On an interview in GMA’s 24Oras, the couple calls the pregnancy as a gift of life and they are excited to share the news to everyone. According to Dantes, the pregnancy is planned and says that this is one of their goals since they had been wanting a family. Finally having a family is the reason that they pushed their wedding and their dream is about to come true. they are thankful of such blessing that came in the right time.

Royal Celebrity Couple Marian and Dingdong Finally Confirmed that they are having a Baby
Dantes also shared that they will be happy with any gender the baby will have. Having a baby is already a blessing and any gender will be a blessing too. Dantes then appealed that his wife’s pregnancy will be private. Though the date when Rivera is due to deliver and how long she is already through the pregnancy is not shared, there are reports that Rivera is nine weeks pregnant.

Rivera shared that it is not easy to be pregnant. She easily gets nauseous and vomits in the morning. She even gets dizzy during short rides, but she shared that these are small sacrifices for their child. She also shared that she craved for white candies such as White Rabbit and HawHaw. She is also sensitive with strong odors.

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