Filipina Mary Jane Veloso has been spared from the her scheduled execution in April 28, 2015. The news made many Filipinos cheered and breathed prayers of thanksgiving after her family and various groups held vigils for her safety.

The other drug convicts including an Indonesian, a Brazilian, two Australians and two Nigerians, on the other hand, were not spared from the execution through firing squad. Veloso’s husband told dzBB that he thanked President Joko Widodo for sparing his wife’s life.

Also, Veloso’s mother shared that it was a miracle that had happened in her daughter’s life. The family had been waiting for the remains of Veloso when the news of the cancellation of her execution had reached them.

Netizens Rejoice for Filipina OFW Mary Jane Veloso has been Spared, Miracles are Real
According to Charles Jose, Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman, they were relieved that the execution did not push through. He shared that their prayers had been answered, but denied to say any further details.

Atty. Edre Olalia told dzBB that the execution was canceled due to the complaints filed against Veloso’s recruiters.

Sharing further details, Indonesia's Attorney General's Office spoke that the execution was postponed when they heard the news that Veloso’s recruiter, Maria Kristina Sergio, had voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. Sergio and her alleged accomplice was said to have tricked Veloso to bring a suitcase to Indonesia in April 2010. Veloso had no idea that 2.6 kilograms of heroin had been hidden in the bag until the airport authorities stopped her and searched her bag.

Tony Spontana of Indonesia's Attorney General stated in a text message that the Philippine president made a request to spare Veloso’s life to solve the case involving Sergio’s human trafficking case. Veloso’s testimony is vital for the case.

President Widodo had immediately called for a meeting after Sergio surfaced and surrendered. Previously, President Aquino made a proposal to the Indonesian government, saying that they can turn Veloso into a witness to help them track down the group who used her to transport the heroin to Indonesia.

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