Nepal had been hit with 7.8 magnitude quake in the area just between Kathmandu, its capital, and Pokhara as reported by BBC news. The earthquake was also felt and brought casualties in India, Tibet, Bangladesh and Mt. Everest.

Nepalese had declared a state of emergency as number of deaths tolled to 1130 people and is still expected to rise as the rubbles are being cleared by the rescue team. More than 1,700 had been injured while at least 539 deaths are coming from Kathmandu valley. This had been considered as the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in the last 81 years as reported by ABSCBN news.

7.8 Magnitude Earthquake hit Nepal
India reported deaths of 36 people while China and Bangladesh had 12 and four respectively. There were 18 bodies recovered in Mt. Everest when the earthquake caused avalanched in the highest mountain in the world.

Dead bodies in Nepal had to be piled to fit them in. There had been massive damage in the infrastructures including the towers and areas registered as heritage sites in UNESCO . It is also believed that many are trapped in these infrastructures and the rescuers are trying to recover them as soon as possible.

According to Minendra Rijal, Nepali Information Minister, there had been a massive damage brought by the earthquake. They are now appealing for international agencies for assistance in their moment of emergency. In response, the United States sends its disaster response team and released 1 million dollars to help in the immediate needs of Nepal.

The rescuers are digging as fast as the could as they believe that many are still trapped in the buildings and towers. Communication and electricity are down and people had to thrive in the dark.

Reports also say that the airport also sustained some damage, making the relief operations hampered.

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