Metro Manila Development Authority took down one of its newest advertisements against smoking in public after it had spurned various reactions from netizens as many see it as sexist on April 21, 2015.

In a statement posted by MMDA Anti-Smoking and Digital Media Teams, they apologized to those offended by the said ad that was posted on Facebook last April 20. They clarified that there was no intention to express sexism and they had taken down the advertisement. They then assured everyone that they will be giving more effort to uphold the gender equality in their department.

MMDA Apologize for Those Offended by Their Newest Advertisements Against Smoking
The photo shows a woman trying to stop a man from smoking by blocking his mouth with her hand. It says ‘be the stronger sex’. It was suppose to encourage people to respect the no-smoking signs in public places.

Some netizens explained that the ad seemed to express that there is a dominant gender when many Filipinos believe that all genders are equal. There is no stronger sex as expressed by Facebook user Roseann Ramirez.

She also said that the ad also seemed to express that the males are stronger sex than females. Not only men smoke in public and not only women can speak up to them. Rain Mendoza also shared asked if there is ever a stronger sex. Facebook User Rocio Mori called foul when saying that it was ‘stupid’ and the creator of the ad seemed to be still living in the past. He further said that even women smoke and respect for the no smoking sign has nothing to do with gender.

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