Casey Neistat wanted to surprise his girlfriend by visiting her in her house unannounced, the only thing he has to find her location is the photo of her house and knowing that it is in Cape Town, South Africa.

In a video of a little more than six minutes, he had shared how he found her. He bought a first class plane ticket from New York City to Cape Town, not minding that it is the farthest place he had traveled at the time and the most expensive yet. In four and a half hours, he was able to pack up and get into the airport.

Watch Casey Neistat Visits his Girlfriend Without Knowing Her Exact Location
He was able to compile clips of videos showing his adventure to find his true love. Spending the night in te plane, he took a shower in the airport’s comfort room and did not mind some inconveniences. After 29 hours of flight and stop overs, he landed in Cape Town and caught a cab to hunt her house. With just the mountain near her house as a clue and with the help of the drier, he was able to find her house.
Candice Pool, Finn Jewelry designer, had no idea she was going to get a surprise visit. She screamed and run over to hug him. Later clips showed their bonding moments. Their love story started in 2005. They first got married a month after their first date but also got annulled in a month. Their relationship had been on and off until they finally tied the knot on December 29, 2013. They finally had their first child on December 2014.

Casey Neistat is a TV ads director based on New York for already 10 years. He currently has 3 YouTube channels with 593,075 subscribers. Candice Pool described their relationship as long and crazy, yet they always get back together.

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