University students are now bound to the new world and the first official jobs are surely one of their aims. If you are one of them, then here are five ways to help land the job that you are eyeing for. Despite the rising number of youth unemployment, you can still find some ways to get ahead of the others.

How to Land a Job as Fresh Graduate in Canada
Know a trade well

It had been a long time since there are reports of skilled labor shortage in Canada. Some students even go straight to being trade workers after secondary education and lands a good job.

In Campus Regina Public school, students get a chance to learn a trade skill and gain 800 hours of experience to have the advantage of apprenticeship. As soon as they graduate, they can get a chance to land a job.

There are always a demand for general trades such as carpentry, plumbing, car machinery and heavy machinery.

Finish a career in an in-demand field

Employers will surely take notice of the degree you had finished and they will want those in the field of science, health care, math and engineering. According to Canada's labor reports last year, social assistance and health care had ranked the top field with highest number of employment.

One of the growing fields nowadays is the Health Information Management which is estimated to open around 6,200 to 12,200 job openings for the next five years. Justin St-Maurice coordinates with Conestoga College on applied health information science program. He believes that his students will be the middle managers between the clinicians and those in the IT and managerial positions.


Volunteering can give fresh graduates a boost and a better resume to land their desired career. It can be the one that makes the difference. A lot of employers would like to see a job experience in a resume and volunteering does count.

Know how to be an entrepreneur

Have a chance to turn your passion into something where you can earn a living and have a career. There are certain programs to help you out. Studio Y in Toronto takes in 25 youths each year and teaches them various entrepreneurship skills such as building networks and critical thinking skills. If you are more of a business minded person wanting to set out your own business, Futurpreneur will help you. It is a non-profit organization that teaches and funds interested entrepreneurs.

Find a warm city

Vancouver is one of the best city, with the fresh ocean breeze in Stanley Park, relaxed atmosphere and cultural diversity. Aside from the atmosphere, it is home to many companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Hootsuite, Sony Pictures Imageworks and some biomedical research.

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