Doris Bigornia, ABSCBN’s boadcast journalist, is now in hot waters after a certain Richard Lim posted his unfortunate encounter with the reporter in the Mall of Asia Arena during The Script’s concert.

With the Facebook post titled “The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia”, Lim wrote his experience during the moments before the concert of The Script. He shared that his and his son’s view had been blocked by the “Mutya ng Masa”, Nikki, her daughter, and with VIP spectators who had stood and ran over the Irish band.

Doris Bigornia is Now in Hot Waters after Misbehavior at The Script Concert
He then continued saying that the concert’s bouncers tried to control the crowd by explaining that the concert is a seated one. There was no need to stand, but the crowd won’t listen and shouldered off the bouncers totally creating chaos. Lim even said that the people were unmindfully hitting him and his son that even their drinks and food had been knocked off and spilled over. They were uncontrollable that the father and son were even pushed out of their seats.

The bouncers keep on trying to control the situation but the Kapamilya broadcaster and her daughter refused to leave. He decided to go over to Bigornia and politely told her that he and his son is seated behind her and she had been blocking the view. Instead to heading with his request, she ignored him and then turned to the other side. His son had been hyperventilating due to the crowd.
The bouncers tried to push the people away but Nikki Bigornia shouted at them saying that the bouncers should first handle the others other than them. Lim then once again tried to talk to the reporter saying that his son had difficulty breathing due to the crowd, but he was shocked when the reported said she did care even if his son dies. He admitted that such response was unexpected from the TV personality. He tried to keep his cool and just said that she should have been the role model.

The exchange did not end there. After the concert, they once again had heated conversation where Bigornia’s kids said cursings at him, embarrassing him in front of the crowd.

Lim encourages those who took videos of the encounter to post them online to reach the ABSCBN’s management and finally show the conduct of the reporter.

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