ABS-CBN News reporter, Doris Bigornia, finally broke her silence on The Script concert issue sparked by the Facebook post of Richard Lim.

According to the post of Richard Lim, Bigornia and her children had showed inappropriate behavior during the concert that led his son to hyperventilate during The Script concert on April 17, 2015 at Mall of Asia Arena.

The post intitled “The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia,” tells how Bigornia with her daughter and other people created a commotion during the concert, blocking Lim’s and his son’s view of the band. After politely asking the reporter to go back to her seat so the rest will follow her, she pretended that she did not hear him. The bouncers was also unable to control the crowd. Nikki Bigornia was also allegedly heard saying that the bouncers must make other people go back to their seats first.

Doris Bigornia, Finally Broke her Silence on The Script Concert Issue
After once again politely talking with the TV reporter, Bigornia allegedly said that she didn’t care even if his son dies. The response shocked Lim saying that the personality was different from what he sees on TV.

After the concert, another confrontation spark which was recorded in a video and posted on YouTube by Sid Marko.

The video shows Lim in red shirt trying to talk with Bigornia. She was clearly heard that she has no time for the confrontation. Her daughter raised her voiced and her son started cursing.

On April 22, Bigornia posted a response on the issue saying that it is normal for such a concert to have such a commotion and that the second confrontation happened because she tried to protect her children. She apologized to Lim and his son for the inconvenience they had experience.

However, in the said video it will be heard that Bigornia said if Lim does not want such inconvenience he should have watched Lea Salonga’s concert instead.

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