As summer comes in, so as the graduation season and after the march with their togas and flipped tassels the fresh graduates are off to the real world to pursue their career and get their official first job. However, fresh graduates will not only consider the paths of their chosen career but also the salary.

Salary is a very important aspect of career. It is one thing that might be hard to open up during the job interview yet you must have an idea on how much a job position might be offering or if you are getting paid competitively.

Are you a Fresh Graduate? Here are the List of Highest Paying Job in the Philippines released a report showing the top 10 specializations in the country according to their offered salaries to those who are new in the company. The report had been released on March 24, 2015.

In’s survey, the best paid job are those in the IT industry, as evidenced by the top five jobs on the list. IT/Computer - Software is the number one specialization now in the country with the average salry of around P24,000 for fresh graduates. It is then followed by Network/System/Database Administration, those in Technical Helpdesk Support, and hardware. Theses jobs can range from Android Developer to business security Assistant.

If you are a fresh graduate but IT career does not appeal for you, you can venture in Corporate Merchant Banking such as an Accounting Assistant of in Legal Services like Legal Assistant as both offer the entry level salary of around P21,000.

The report with entitled Salary Report for Fresh Graduates was based on the average salary of the specializations taken up by fresh graduates. These data was taken from the actual information from the post on as they require the employers to post their offered salary.

The basic salary, however, does not include compensation, benefits and incentives. As expected call center agency has the most posted job offer in the site, comprising of 30% job offers out of 40,000 opening for newly graduates.

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