Andrew Lincoln who plays the role of The Walking Dead’s constable Rick Grimes had recently signed a deal with Universal giving hopes to fans for a movie version of the zombie series.

In a blog post in Inquirer’s entertainment section, Lincoln shared that a movie version  of “The Walking Dead” will be amazing and an idea that they had been dreaming about especially that he is excited to see some snow. The 41 year old actor also said that the movie will be interesting as they can play with the story’s time, chronology, and reinvent characters who had been gone earlier than the others.

Actor Andrew Lincoln Wanted to do a 'Walking Dead' Movie Version
Grimes also shared that he is excited for the series spin-off “Fear the Walking Dead”. He said that the environment will be the same like the original series but it will be a companion show.

He also shared that he still has no idea about the upcoming season’s theme. Every season he always asks Scott Gimple if he will die in the season or get bitted by a walker. He believes that each theme every season is amazing but he could not shared any from the one they are about to film.

Grimes also revealed that he really reads the fan mails being sent to him. He shared that fan mails is like a fuel for the casts and gives them more drive to do better in the show. He said that now, it is mostly fan mails that occupy his email. He admitted that some fan mails are surprising and many are touching and moving. He even shared that he used to dream that he will do something to bring excitement to people and the fan mails made him know that he realized his dream.

He receives fan mails from different countries with different postage stamps including from Japan and China. He shared that he answers his fan mails himself and even sign them.

Though he is unsure on how long the series will run he hopes that they will still have it for some time since the fans are engaged and the show still has an emotional impact to the viewers.

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