Roadfill, half of YouTube Comedian Duo turned celebrities Moymoy Palaboy, tried out his luck together with Felicitas Garcia,54, known as ‘Lola Biritera’ on the stage of ‘Asia’s Got Talent’. The judges were surprised on how odd the duo look.

Garcia was known in YouTube after her video went viral, thus giving her a title as ‘Lola Biritera’. Her ultimate dream was to become a professional singer. This dream was cut short when she got pregnant at the age of 16 and had to take care of her own family since then. She took over her family’s vegetable store in the market. She shared that she had loved her children and husband that she was willing to let go of her own dreams for herself. Now that her children had grown old enough, she is given a chance to pursue her dream legacy.

Watch Youtube Sensation Lola Biritera and Roadfill of Moymoy Palaboy Tried their Luck in ‘Asia’s Got Talent’
Roadfill got famous after the ‘Moymoy Palaboy’s’ lip-syncing antics went viral on YouTube. The duo had lip-synced numerous songs in a funny way and they had cought the attention of the netizens. They are now a mainstay in GMA network’s comedy show ‘Bubble Gang’.

Roadfill introduced himself as a local comedian. When asked by the judge, David Foster, how his partnership with Garcia was created. Roadfill said that he wanted to make a duet with Garcia after seeing her viral video. He joined her in Asia’s Got Talent to help Garcia fulfill her dreams.
Garcia showed her hidden powerful voice in singing Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, while Roadfill backed her up as the second voice while doing some funny antics that make everyone laughed. In the end they received a standing ovation from Van Ness Wu and the audience.

However, Foster said no to the tandem as Garcia was not willing to drop off Roadfill. Lola Biritera explained that she won’t go through the next stage without him because they are partners. Van Ness Wu, Mel C and Anggun all said yes.

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