Mariel Rodriguez, TV host and personality, was reported to have suffered miscarriage as revealed by Betchay Vidanes, action star Robin Padilla’s manager. It was a few days ago when Rodriguez shared a post in her Instagram sharing that she is undergoing a turbulent phase in her life.

On March 16, 2015, Vidanez confirmed the news to ABSCBN News after the said post on social media. On March 14, Rodriguez was shown in a photo, crying in a car with a caption saying that not all of the days are happy. Another photo showed two hands holding each other tightly.

TV host and Personality Mariel Rodriguez Suffer from the Miscarriage of her Supposed to be First Baby
She also shared that bad things happen in life but she is also thankful for the people sround her, including her husband, Rodin Padilla, her stepdaughters, sister, and friends. Her optimism also showed when she said that the sun will shine once more.
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Rodriguez, 30, was a little more than 2 months pregnant when the miscarriage happened. She was suppose to give birth in October 2015. According to Vidanez, Padilla shared that his wife would rather wait to bleed naturally rather than go to the hospital.
The actor said that Rodriguez does not want to go back to the Asian Hospital as long as she hadn’t bled yet. They will wait for the baby to come out naturally and she had chosen not to be in the hospital as long as the natural process has not set in.

Using the hashtag #byecutiepie created by Rodriguez in her recent Instagram posts, Vidanez express her condolences to the celebrity couple and dear friends. She said that Rodriguez had been brave and their love and faith of each other will see them through and God’s grace will continue to shine on them.

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