It has been three weeks since Jam Sebastian had been put to rest yet the ones he had dearly loved are going through controversies one after another. It started when some had shared their thoughts that his girlfriend Michelle Linggayu had been using his death for fame, a matter Mich had been brushing off.

Now, there is another controversy, this time it is between Maricar Sebastian, Jam’s mother, and Michelle. All the attention had been on Michelle and the news of her going fulltime on showbiz and having a new love interest in the person of Neo Domingo had seemed to fan the flames. In an interview with GMA’s Startalk, Maricar Sebatian shared that she has no comments to say about Michelle’s decisions.

Michelle Linggayu is having a Misunderstanding with Jam's Mother, is she Using Jam to enter in Showbiz?
She said that she has no part in Michelle’s life since Michelle and Jam’s chapter is already done. She then said that Michelle knew what she had done and as a mother who still grieves, she will talk when she had already moved on. Her focus had always been her son and not Michelle.

Mrs. Sebastian admitted that she had been hearing news about Michelle but she won’t speak about it yet. On the other hand there were some speculations that the two had a gap when Jam and Michelle decided to move in together.
When asked if she can speak with Michelle, she said that she might not be about to do that. The two had not talked with each other since Jam’s funeral.

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