Lea Salonga stirred minds once again after posting a statement asking for people’s opinion if an IQ or EQ testing must be made mandatory before someone could access the internet. The tweet had been posted on March 4, 2015 and made people share their views.

As it turned out, The Voice coach had posted the question because of the the internet’s growing incident of abuse, idiocy and bashing. A conversation had started and many shared their opinions.

Lea Salonga Asking for People’s Opinion on Twitter About Having an IQ or EQ Test Before Someone Could Access The Internet
Salonga also clarified that she does not generalized all users of internet, she shared that she is just tired of the online abuse and bashing people do to others. She also shared that common respect seemed to have been less common nowadays.

Some had agreed but the idea of testing the intelligence of the person does not make a lot of difference. Some also seemed to have given colors to the original meaning the international singer intended to bring. Others shared that intelligence does not measure a person’s character. Some of the cyber abuse even seemed to have come from intelligent people.
Until there is no way to improve the abuse and bashing issues in the internet, many suggest to just report the abuser’s account to the admin.

Soon, the artist tweeted that the idea of the test was not really a good idea but then left another question, how to make the internet abusers be accountable for their actions. She shared that internet is still wonderful, yet a work that is still in progress.

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