Actress Melissa Mendez had been on the news lately due to allegedly shouting and hitting another passenger while on board Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 771 bound to Pagadian which lead her being offloaded from the the flight on March 20, 2015.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Mendez said that her image had ben ruined in the incident. She was led out of the plane after she allegedly threaten and hit another passenger while drunk. In an Instagram post of Andrew Wolf which seemed to be a blind item, he said that a Filipina actress had used his and a friend, Rey pamaran’s reserved seats at the front. She refused to go back to her seat but was eventually persuaded by the flight attendants, pilot and security officers after 30 minutes. Wolf claimed that she had cursed during the entire time and in the end he left the initials M.M. as a clue.

Actress Melissa Mendez Offloaded from Plane after Shouting and Hitting the Passenger and Flight Attendant
Mendez told ABSCBN News it was true that she sat on their seats but promised to go back to her own seat after the take off  because she wanted to take photos of the clouds. She said that the two then threaten to slap her with their bag if she wouldn’t move.

Pamaran, on the other hand, said that they had refused the actress’ wish because it is their right to seat in their paid seats. He said the Mendez asked them to sit on her seats at the back instead but the men also refused saying that they needed some leg room.
Mendez said that after the take off, she asked to talk with Pamaran to patch things up but Pamaran said that she had bad breath. It was at that time that Mendez could not control herself and hit Pamaran on the face. Pamaran said that she smelled like alcohol, to which Mendez said that the smell was due to her diet juice.

In the end, Pamaran stood his ground that it was the actress who started the ruckus and used curses. Mendez apologized to the other passengers as the flight had been delayed.

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