A six second video clip had been going viral around Facebook showing a high school student making ‘slick moves’ towards his classmates. The clip, short as it is, earned praise and various comments from netizens.

The video clip posted by Emman Nimedez had already reached 1,878,096 views and received 58,317 likes in less than a week. While it is not indicated which school it was recorded, many speculates that it was in Sauyo High School.

Watch Viral Video of High School Student Drops Pencil then Holds Girl's Hand
In the said video, the young man had intended his pencil to drop on the floor prompting his unsuspecting classmate to get it for him. As soon as she tried to reach the pencil, he also bended low and instead of getting the pencil, he had held her hand. While his friends had noticeably cheered for his brave and suave move, the girl did not seem to like it. She had an unmistakable frown in her face.

The video had immediately went viral after it was posted on February 18, 2015, a few days after the Valentines Day. Many netizens did not only complimented the guts of the young man but also the broad smile of his friend sitting behind him. The girl’s frown also did not miss the eyes of many.

With the title of ‘Galawang Breezy’, Nimedez encourages those who had felt related to the situation to tag a person that they had been reminder to them by the short clip. Many were also curious on the song he had used in the very short clip. In the latest post, Nimedez said that there is nothing wrong to have fun in a classroom as long as it was breaktime.

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