Top 8 of The Voice Of the Philippines Season 2 had finally finsihed performing their solo pieces on February 21, 2015. New set of rules had been introduced. The voting rates and the scores of their respective coach will be combined to find out who will go on to the Finals stage.

Team Lea’s Timmy Pavino shared that in singing ‘Ikaw Lamang’, he wanted show the longing he felt being far from his mother. For the first time, his mother will be able to witness him singing in the stage for The Voice of the Philippines. He aims to make his beloved mother proud.

Watch Team Lea: Timmy Pavino Vs Leah Patricio of The Voice Of the Philippines Season 2 Semi Finals February 21, 2015
Sarah said that Timmy’s performances had been important to OPM in the music industry. Lea shared that he seemed more handsome. He had picked great song and his heart had been felt since all of his inspiration had been present for him.

Leah Patricio shared that he wil sing ‘Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin’. She said that her brother had been her inspiration for her. He was able to finish his studies with the help of her ventures in various singing competitions, now, he is the one supporting her.
Bamboo said that her experience had been clear on stage. Her best parts are her song beginnings and endings. Lea said that Leah’s performance had been breath taking. Her heartfelt song had showed her rare quality. She was able to make the whole place quite in a tasteful way.

Each artist will have two sets of performances. On February 21, each of the Top 8 artists will perform a solo piece, then the voting lines will be open after a team finished performing. On February 22, the artists will perform a duet and voting lines will then be opened once again. Each of the coaches will be given a hundred points to be divided to the two artists at their own discretion. The votes and coach’s rating will be combined to get the final rating.

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