A video of TV5’s RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer had circulated over Facebook and stirred negative comments from netizens. In the video the two were seen laughing while attempting to wake a man sleeping inside a PUV through blowing their car’s horn.

Though it was not clear when the said video was actually recorded, it had been uploaded in TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES Facebook page on February 8, 2015. In just 10 hours the video had been shared more than 5,600 times as it had been viewed almost 790,000 times.

Viral Video of RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer Had Circulating Over Facebook for Having a Rude Road Behavior
In the one minute video, RR Enrique, Romyreen Enriquez in real life, had given an introduction at the start of the clip. Their attention seemed to be caught by a man visibly sleeping in the PUV right at the front of their car. The traffics seemed to have taken a toll on them as they decided to play tricks on the man and attempted to wake him theough blasting the car’s horn.

Jeck Maierhofer, sitting in the passenger’s seat beside Enriquez laughed with her friend as the man seemed to be surprised by what they did. When the man suddenly woke up, Enriquez seemed to hide the phone in fear that the man will realized that they were recording a video.
Netizens were in uproar saying that the two women had been really rude and disrespectful. Many posted a comment saying that the man could be sleeping in the vehicle as he might be tired from his work and the only chance to have some rest and sleep was during his ride home and the two women woke him just for their whims.

Many also called them brats as they were beautiful yet seemed to lack good morals. Some netizens predict that in time, the two will be seen for public apology.

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