A video of a couple having office affair had been circulating around various social media. Apparently, the man is married and with children while the woman had just been engaged. The video had caught on fire and had been broadcast in the entire New Zealand followed by other media around the world.

Both of them are Christchurch office employees working in insurance firm Marsh Ltd where the man works with in a senior management position while the woman works as a secretary.

According to a patron of Carlton Bar and Eatery, the fling started with casual flirt but when the couple kissed, the attention of around 50 patrons had been caught. The band during that time stopped playing as everyone’s eyes seemed to glued on the building across the street.
Viral Video of Employees Having an Intimate Affair in The Office Has Been Circulating Around Social Network
Everyone cheered them on but soon grew bored after half an hour, prompting the band to play "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon. Some spectators had said that it was evident that the two were not really a couple.

According to the management of Marsh Ltd, the couple had been identified. Both of them did not show for work the next day after their affair had been spread on Facebook and other social media but the management said that they will be discussing the matter with them. Many speculate that the two are likely to lose their job.

Grant Milne, Marsh chief executive, said that the company is treating the matter very seriously but had not said that they were suspended. The liability will depend on the decision of the management despite people saying that the action showed lapse of decency. Marsh Ltd refused to shared any more further details.

On the other hand, the man’s wife was reported to have found out the affair only after finding the photos and videos on Facebook.

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