Director Paul Soriano announced his engagement with his girlfriend of seven years, actress-host Toni Gonzaga in an interview in ‘The Buzz’ on February1, 2015. Paul Soriano had shared how he proposed to Gonzaga on January 21, 2015 at her house.

He shared that he proposed when Gonzaga had least expected it. It was after a birthday dinner at around 12:30. The ring had been in his pocket for the entire night . He approached her parents in their living room and asked them for their blessings. Her mom said that it was about time while her father said that he should ask Toni himself. Soriano said that he wanted to honor Gonzaga’s parents first before he asked her to accept his marriage proposal.

Toni Gonzaga is Now Engaged with her Long Time Boyfriend Director Paul Soriano February 1, 2015
After Gonzaga’s parents gave their blessings, they went to the second floor of the house where they met actress-host Alex, Toni’s younger sister. Alex was surprised to see him as Soriano was not allowed in that part of the house. He asked her to find her sister. Alex was hesitant about the situation as Soriano recollected.

Soriano continued by saying that he told Toni’s family that he knew that they are only four and he would not take away the oldest daughter in the family, rather he would like to join in if it was possible. He knelt down, and before he even finished the question, Toni said yes.
When Toni was asked by her co-hosts in The Buzz about her engagement, she could not stop having tears in her eyes. She shared that Soriano once told her that for the length of their relationship, he was never her priority. He was always third as God, family and career had been her main focus. She said that she wondered if he would be willing to wait. With tears in her eyes, she expressed her gratitude to Soriano for waiting more than seven years and promised that in their marriage, he would be her first priority.

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