The Top 4 to go to the Finals of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 had finally been named. Only one artist is to represent a team in the finals and only one will be named as The Voice.

For semi finals, each artist will have two sets of performances. First is a solo and the second is a duet. Each team had a duet as their second performance. The voting lines are opened after all the team had performed. The coach will also give a score to their artists. All the public votes and the coach’s scores will be added and the average total score will be tallied which decided who gets to the finals.

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Top 4 Result
Apl gave Alisah 55 points while Daryl got 45 points. With more than 45 percent of the votes from the public, Alisah Bonaobrah goes to the finals.

Bamboo said that for sole Rita had done better but it was Rence who did a better job during duets. In the end he gave Rita 45 points while Rence got 55. Bamboo voiced out that he will let public decide. With 56. 21 percent of total percentage got from the public votes and coach scores, Rence Rapanot goes to the finals. Rita got 43.8 percent of the total average and had to say goodbye in the competition.

Sarah gave Jason 55 points while she gave Monique 45 points. She shared that both of them had done a great job and had gotten better. With 60.1 total percentage, Jason Dy goes to the next and last level of  the competition.

For Team Lea, Leah got 55 points while Timmy had 45 points from their coach. With 50.29 of total percentage, Leah Patricioadvance to the finals. Lea was shocked to see that the percentage had little difference between the two artists.

For the finals, Alisah will represent Team Apl, Rence will be for Team Bamboo, Jason will be presenting Team Sarah, while Leah will be aiming for the title for team Lea. Withe the Top 4 finally decided, the competition is set for the Finals.

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