Semi-Finals of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 moves on and the two artists of each team will duel in a duet. The new set of rules will be adopted through Semi Finals and only four artists will be able to go on to the finals.

In the semi finals, each artist will have two sets of performances. One had been held on February 22 for their solo performances. The voting lines had been opened during the commercial break, which have been in just five minutes. On February 22, each team will have a duet as their second performance. The voting lines are opened after all the team had performed. The coach will also give a score to their artists. All the public votes and the coach’s scores will be added and the average total score will be tallied. Only one artist will represent a team for the finals.

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Semi-Finals Duel in a Duet Performances of the 4 Team
Team Apl did their rendition of ‘One Sweet Day’ by Boy2Men. Alisah and Daryl sung their heart out in hopes to get enough votes to go on to the finals. Bamboo told them that they had a great job. He said that Alisah did a better cut.

‘Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba’, is the chosen OPM piece performed by Team Bamboo’s Rita and Rence. Sarah shared that she had enjoyed the performance. For her, it was Rence who did better.

Team Sarah’s Jason and Monique serenaded the whole Resort’s World Manila singing  ‘Nothings Gonna Stop Now’. Lea said that the song was current and fun enough to be released as their single. Connected with the song, Monique seemed to have stood out in the duet according to Lea.

Team Lea’ Leah and Timmy sings ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars. Apl said that it was very entertaining and Leah did the better performance.

Voting lines had been opened right after each team had performed and had also been closed after the five minute commercial break. Soon the public scores will be added with the scores of the coaches to find put who will step to the Finals and be the grand winner for The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 .

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