The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 finally completes Top 12 on February 8, 2015. Each artist had given their best to take a spot on the next rounds. Four had been chosen by their respective coaches while eight had been saved by the voting public.

Instead of the old rule that the voting lines were closed on Sunday episodes, in the new mechanics, the voting lines are closed right after the performances of the whole team and the results are revealed before the show ends. Two in each teams are saved by the voting public while one will be chosen by a coach to stay in the competition.

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Live Show Voting Result Team Lea and Team Bamboo Top 3 February 8, 2015
Anne Curtis jammed with the artist of The Voice despite saying that she is not a singer herself. The live viewers in the Resorts World Manila suddenly got pumped up right before the results were revealed.

Leah Patricio is the first artist in team Lea to get in to Top 12 from Coach Lea. Leah Patricio was followed by Timmy Pavino. The result made Lea cheer loudly. With higher than 50 percent of the voting percentage Rence Rapanot was in for the Top 12 for Team Bamboo. Rita Martinez got more than 80 percent of the voting percentage and secured a spot for the next round.

Lea shared how proud she was to guide her artists. In the end she had chosen to save Nino Alejandro. Bamboo shared that he had a hard time choosing as their relationship with each other had been tight. He had chosen Tanya Diaz to stay in the competition

The competition’s Top 12 are Team Apl’s Daryl Ong, Alisah Bonaobra and Mackie Cao together with Team Sarah’s Kokoi Baldo, Jason Dy, and Monique Lualhati, coming from Team Bamboo are Rence Rapanot , Rita Martinez, and Tanya Diaz while Team Lea’s group are comprised of Timmy Pavino, Leah Patricio and Nino Alejandro.

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