On the way towards Top 12, The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 will say goodbye to another artist from Team Lea. The new mechanics had been introduced giving the voting viewers the power to save two artists. For Team Lea, the Top 4 are Miro Valera, Leah Patricio, Timmy Pavino, and Nino Alejandro.

With the new mechanics, the voting lines were opened right after the Top 4 of the respective team finished their performance. It was also closed immediately after the commercial break. The two artists with the highest voting percentage will be saved and will go on to the next phase of the competition while one artist will be saved by their coach. The one not chosen will have to step down of the competition.

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Live Show Voting and Eliminating Team Sarah and Team Lea Part 1 February 8, 2015
Nino Alejandro shared that he sung ‘Living on a Prayer’ with nostalgia. He said that this was one of the firsts songs he had sung while he was working abroad. He also shared that he dedicated everything to his wife who stood by him like his rock. Rocking the stage, he refused to back down and wanted to proved that despite his age he can still reach his dreams. Sarah considered that Nino is already a humbling and inspiring artists. Lea admitted that the four chair turner did an awesome performance that reminded her the reason why all coaches turned for him during the blinds.

Timmy Pavino sung ‘My Heart Will Go On’. He shared that the song tells the story of his love for his father who had passed away and for his grandmother who had always guided him. Apl opined that he did a very heartfelt performance. Lea said that Timmy’s growth had been continuing and his father must be proud of him.

The Voice of the Philippines continues to search for its title holder, and as of February 8, 2015 only 12 will go on in the competition.

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