Team Lea’s Top 4 had given their best shot to gain enough votes to secure a spot in The Voice of the Philippines season 2 Top 12 on February 8, 2015. This time two artists are saved by the voting public and one will be chosen by Coach Lea to stay in the competition.

For Team Lea, the Top 4 are Miro Valera, Leah Patricio, Timmy Pavino, and Nino Alejandro. In the new mechanics, the voting lines are opened right after the fourth artist finished his or her performance and will also be closed right after the commercial break. The result of the votes are revealed before the show ends. The coach then chooses one artist out of the two remaining ones.

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Live Show Voting and Eliminating Team Lea Part 2 February 7, 2015
Miro Valera shared that he wanted to honor his late father with the song ‘Kissed from a Rose’. His mother had shared that Miro had always been the one to support their family after her husband passed away. He imagines that maybe his father is saying how much he loves him as he dedicated his song for him. Bamboo shared that he had enjoyed the performance just like his past performances. Lea said that he did the best piece yet. He was so emotional that it seemed that his father’s spirit had been beside him the whole time.

Leah Patricio started singing at six. Her father bought her the first minus one cassette tape that she had used. She asked her father if he remembers it, and he answered that it was the tape he bought though he had to walk home. Her coach told her that the hardship of her father must be felt through her song ‘Healing’. Lea was moved to tears. She shared that there were times that she would shout or jump in excitement for a performance but Leah made her cry. She seemed that she had the voice of angels and she have a voice that was soothing.

The voting lines had been opened after the for artist of team Lea and had been closed immediately after the commercial break. Results had been revealed soon after.

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