Kapamilya’s The Voice of the Philippines finally revealed the newest mechanics to be used in the competition starting on February 7, 2015. The Top 4 of each team will be cut shorter once more and only three will be going to the next stage.

Beginning on February 7, 2015, every episode of Live Shows is an episode for voting and eliminating. After their performances, the voting lines will be open but will also be closed while the episode is on air. The two artists in each team with the highest percentage of votes will be automatically safe to proceed to the next stage while the respective coaches will have to choose who among the remaining on who will be saved. The Top 3 of each team will then be finally decided.
The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Live Show Voting and Eliminating Team Apl February 7, 2015
For Team Apl the Top 4 contenders are Alisah Bonaobra, Suy Galvez, Mackie Cao, and Daryl Ong.

Suy sung ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon & Garfunkel dedicating her performance to her son and husband. She shared her passion for music and her ability to mix being a mother and a singer. She also said that she joined The Voice to show the people that she too can stand out. Sarah said that Suy looked very beautiful. She said that Suy was able to show maturity and had been an inspiration since the start of the competition. Her coach, Apl, had shared that Suy made him proud by making each of her songs as her own.

Mackie sung ‘Maghintay Ka Lamang’ and dedicated it to her special someone. She shared how she happy she feels every time she is with him. She said that it feels great to be inspired and show hoe that person could be inspiring. Lea said Mackie had also been waiting for her opportunity to show her talent. Apl said that the emotions in the songs had been pleasing to the ears.

The voting lines had been opened after the four performances from Team Apl’s Top 4. It was also closed before the performances of the next Team.

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