The Voice of the Philippines had introduced a set of new mechanics on February 7, 2015. With the Top 4 of each teams, the competition gears up for the more intense battle.

Starting on February 7, 2015, every night is a night for voting and eliminating. After their performances, the voting lines will be open but will also be closed after the commercial break. The two artists in each team with the highest percentage of votes will be automatically safe while the coaches will have to choose who among the remaining will be saved. The Top 3 of each team will then be finally decided.
The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Live Show Voting and Eliminating Team Sarah February 7, 2015

For Team Apl the Top 4 contenders are Alisah Bonaobra, Suy Galvez, Mackie Cao, and Daryl Ong.

Alisah shared that her grandfather had been her inspiration. He was the person who had given her courage. She is determined not to give up her dream as an artist. After performing Jessie J’s ‘Laserlight’, Leah said that the performance had greatly fit with her age. Apl said that she had showed youthfulness and joyfulness in her song the way she should do in her age.

Daryl shared that his song ‘Smile’ by Michael Jackson will show the positivity of her life. One day he hopes that his son will be proud of him. He is determined to shared the good things in life with his son who had been separated from him. Bamboo said that he did a nice and tasteful performance. He was filled with soul. Apl said that Daryl did a soulful rendition and proved that he is a real RnB singer.

The voting lines had been opened after the four performances from Team Apl’s Top 4 and the result had been revealed on the same episode.

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