Timmy Pavino sings One direction’s ‘Story of my Life’.The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 draws near to the moment when the winner will be named. Top 8 had been revealed to go on to Semi- Finals where the voting public could once again decide who  deserves to be the winner.

Timmy Pavino dedicated his song to his mother who had been protective of him. He once went away from home to work and be independent. His mother did not talk to him at the time but she had been there to pick him up the moment he called for her. He wanted to share the love for his mother who never gave up on him.

Team Lea: Watch Timmy Pavino Performance and Story The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 February 15, 2015
Bamboo said that he seemed to be shaky because of being too emotional but he was able to do his best. Lea was once again speechless but shared that the performance had been the most emotional and heartfelt. She said that she can feel all the emotions and the memories he had with his mother.
The voting lines had been opened once more but only for 5 minutes. The highest voting percentage will secure the artist a spot for the semi finals while another spot will be given by their coach. Only two artists will go on to the next round for Team Lea as part of Top 8.Leah Patricio was the first artist in Team Lea to get in to Top 12 with the highest voting percentage. Leah Patricio was followed by Timmy Pavino who got the second highest vote from the voting public while Nino Alejandro was chosen to be saved by their coach.

This time, who will have the highest voting percentage and who will be saved by their coach?

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