Daryl Ong performs ‘Rolling in the Deep’. It is the 4th week of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Live Shows and the Top 12 will soon be reduced to Top 8 on February 14, 2015. Team Apl’s Alisah Bonaobra, Mackie Cao, and Daryl Ong tried their best to secure a spot on the next round.

Daryl Ong shared that ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is the song of his life. He had been hurt in his past relationship. He shared that when he was on a date, he wears the best he could. He said that even though his past was not good, it is not enough reason not to trust somebody again.

Team Apl: Daryl Ong Performance and Story The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 February 14 2015
Sarah said that he did a world class performance. Aside from the fact that his vocal talent was great, he has something that makes him an addictive artist. Apl said that his performance was like a Cupid’s arrow. He was able to make the listeners feel the pain of heartache but also he gave hopes to love again.
Last February 7, Apl had saved Mackie Cao while Alisah Bonaobra and Daryl Ong had been saved by the votes of the viewers. With the new rules, the voting lines are only open for 5 minutes during the commercial break after all three performances. The results will be shown before the end of the show. Who will stay in the competition?

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