Mayor Rodolfo Duterte of Davao City shared that he is willing to save the country by running for presidency next elections but also admitted that he has no financial means to do so as he lacks 10 billion pesos for national campaign.

This was the first time Mayor Duterte had publicly spoken on the subject of national presidency candidacy. During the First Federalism Forum held in Northern Luzon at Lyceum Northwestern University held with many students and then with the Rotary Club cluster meeting that was held in Le Duc Hotel, Duterte shared that he understands that the country is on the verge of disasters brought upon by criminality, corruption and the imminent possibility of collapse of the peace talks in Mindanao. He then voiced out that if he could save the republic then he would run for presidency.

Mayor Rodolfo Duterte of Davao City Running for Presidency Next Elections 2016
On the other hand, this idea might be far from the reality. A presidential candidate must have aroung 10 to 15 billion pesos to fund his nationwide campaign. As per Mayor Duterte, such amount is not possible for him right now.

He further said that he will make such sacrifice if only that is the way to save the country. Duterte had been conducting a listening tour around the country to do speeches and be an advocate to shift the Philippines into federalism, expressing that federalism might be the sole way to prevent the imminent war in Mindanao if the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) was not pushed through or adopted. Also there could be a chance that BBL turns into something Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) won’t be happy about.

Eric Acuna, the former Pangasinan Third District Congressman is one of the prominent audience in Duterte’s speech. Acuna then stood and said that Duterte’s decision is not personal anymore but also a moral obligation. He then promised that he will launch  "Save the Philippines Movement" that will help mobilize people in Northern Luzon to help support Duterte.

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