Passengers of PAL flight PR 2988 bound for Manila had been off loaded on January 29, 2015 after a certain passenger joked about a grenade. The alleged bomb threat took place in Daniel Z. Romualdez International Airport, Tacloban City which have also delayed a couple of flights.

Presidential Decree 1727 prohibits individuals in airports and other public areas from making jokes about bombs which may cause danger and panic.

The passenger identified as Archie Velora was asked by the security about the items in his bag to which he said claimed to have said that it can’t be a grenade. The security on the other hand claimed that he only caught the word ‘grenade’.

Bomb Joke Cause Delayed Flight to the Passengers of PAL flight PR 2988 in Tacloban City January 29, 2015
The security officer was alarmed by the word and immediately told the pilot about the situation. The pilot in turn asked the passengers to disembark the aircraft. The police were called for security assistance and the security measures were conducted. After the investigation, if was found out that it was rooted from a misunderstanding.

Velora was then taken to San Jose Police Station after the investigation and currently under the trail court fiscal office of San Jose Municipal. His simple joke caused delayed and diverted flights of  Cebu Pacific 653/654 and Air Asia Zest 7463/7464. The flights soon landed in Tacloban without any further incidents. By 9:30 am, the area had been cleared.

Anti-Bomb Scare Joke Law prohibits malicious spread of false information such as jokes and pranks about bombs, explosives and other such devices. The person charge by breaking this law will have to serve not more than 5 years in prison or a fine of not more than 40 thousand pesos.

This law made in 1980 is not only for airports, it also includes false dissemination of information of bomb threats or jokes to destroy any vehicle, building, or other personal or real estate property.

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