Bench finally speaks up as netizens went in clamor after Bench’s advertisement photo of creative director of Preview Magazine Vince Uy and his boyfriend Niño Gaddi had been altered to hide their affectionate holding hands. It had been hanging along EDSA- Guadalupe along side the other photos with the theme entitled ‘Love All Kinds of Love’.

With the message of the theme supporting the LGTB community, many were dismayed to see that black paint had obscured the hands of the gay couple. Mixed emotions and comments had flooded various social media with the hashtag #PaintTheirHandsBack created by Rob Cham and Thysz Estrada. The two asked netizens to recreate the hands of the couple. On the other hand, the question of who painted over their hands was left hanging until Bench finally spoke up.

Bench Finally Speaks Up About Their Controversial Advertisement 'Love All Kinds of Love'
Jojo Liamzon, promotions and advertising manager of Bench owner Suyen Corporation clarified that nobody had obscured the billboard. Bench had blackened that part of the photo on purpose to comply with the Ad Standards Council (ASC). Apparently, the photo might not have been allowed to be put up along EDSA had the hands not been obscured.

Ad Standards Council (ASC) had communicated its concern over the photo after it was passed to them by the Filipino clothing line. Even some photos of the Uy and Gaddi showing them looking affectionately with each other had been rejected outright. Accrding to Liamson as reported in Style Bible, ASC cited that the concern came from ‘traditional family values’.

The billboard had been put up with the hands already blackened, however, Liamson voiced out that the company still believes that the message of the photo is still there. The message that all kinds of love, including same-sex relationships are just as valuable and true as those of heterosexual and familial love.

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