An angry Chinese wife cut her husband’s penis twice after discovering his sweet messages to his mistress on January 13, 2015. The wife seemed to be discontented after cutting his penis once since it was put back.

The husband named Fan Lung is 32 years old and a father of five children with his wife,. Apparently, while in their home in Shangqiu City, he used his wife’s handset to send his sweet messages through e-mails to his 21 year old mistress. Fan Lung forgot to log out his account leading his wife to discover his sent messages.

Wife Cut her Husband’s Penis Twice Because of Sweet Messages to his Mistress
The 30 year old wife, Feng Lung, was said to have been filled with rage and sneakily got a sharp pair of scissors and snipped off her husbands penis while he was sleeping in their bedroom. Fan Lung had been immediately rushed to the hospital and the doctors successfully sewn the organ back to place.

The wife, however, was determined to cut off the organ for good and managed to sneak into the recovery room where she severed his organ once more and then threw it out of the window.

According to the spokesperson of the hospital as reported in Mirror, they dicovered the incident in the hospital after hearing that a naked man was seen hitting a woman outside the hospital. The stuff quickly checked the commotion, discovering Fan Lung with his legs soaked in blood while beating his wife. After stopping the man, they discovered the wife’s deed.

The hospital stuff and police officers tried to recover the thrown organ but failed to find it. They concluded that a stray animal might have taken it. The man was once again taken to surgery and lost a lot of blood as reported. Fan Lung’s lover came into the hospital and announced her willingness to marry him despite losing his manhood.

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