Live Shows of The Voice of the Philippines finally begun on January 24, 2015 held in Resorts World Manila. Coach Apl will try to boost the moral of his team as they keep their eyes on the prize. In Live Shows, the votes of the viewers will be finally counted.

For Team Apl, Daryl Ong, Ferns Tosco and Suy Galvez faced off and tried to out wit each other. Daryl wanted to inspire people, Ferns fights for her dream for a music studio while Suy wanted to show her passion for music.

Watch The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Team Apl Daryl Ong, Ferns Tosco and Suy Galvez Live Shows January 24
Ferns sung ‘It’s a Heartache’ of Bonnie Tyler. Thinking about being left by her father at a young age, Apl challenged her to open her emotions and cannel it trough the song and also warned her about her dictions. In her white dress and with her guitar, the unique voice from Palawan filled the Resorts World Manila. Bamboo said that he witnessed again the same tings he had missed from the auditions. Apl said that he was blown away by her performance.

Daryl was challenged to use the song to express himself and his dreams. Apl said that dancing should not get in the way of his singing. With his rendition of ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Daryl tried to make stage presence with simple dance moves while singing. Sarah said that he is an admirable RnB artists. Apl shared that Daryl seemed to have made the time stop.

Apl told Suy not to hold back anything. Singing ‘I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz, Suy sang with her heart. In her black dress, Suy made sure that her presence won’t be neglacted. Lea said that Suy is stunning and her song had been full of emotions. Apl mentioned that Suy’s fighting spirit had been felt through her performance.

Viewers can now vote for the artist that they are rooting for until the closing time of Sunday Live shows. The Live Shows was opened by the Coaches’ performance, wearing leather jackets.

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