A new viral video has been circulating as JB Naganio hit the high notes of Destiny’s Child song ‘Stand Up for Love’. Many had been in awe after Naganio finished his performance seeming effortlessly.
As reported ii ABSCBN News, in just two weeks the said video had been posted and reposted leading to almost a million views. Netizens are surprised on how he seemed to be at ease and relaxed. Other videos of Naganio had been posted by Amante Esguerra. Some videos also showed him singing ‘Through the Fire’ and ‘One Hello’.

Watch Viral Video of JB Naganio Hitting the High Notes of Destiny’s Child song ‘Stand Up for Love’
The video had been taken last Christmas on 2014 when Naganio and his friends celebrated the season Esguerra's farm at Palayan City.

There had been many Filipinos who had been YouTube sensation at their own rights like Roland Abante, Aldrich Talondign, Zendee Tenerefe, Charice, James Bucong, and Arnel Pineda and Naganio is the latest among them.
Some viewers say that he can easily reach high notes even without much effort. Some even made jokes that he had such vocals because they had been drinking. Many are proud to see a fellow Filipino belt out a song that had been iconic and even hard for many to perform.

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