The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 gears up for the first Live Shows on January 24, 2015. Each of the camps finally has their top 6 and ready to perform live on Philippine TV.

From Team Sarah, Monique Lualhati, Poppert Bernadas and Jason Fernandez were put in the same group and tried to out do each other.

Poppert Bernadas’s inspiration is his mother. Sarah asked him to let loose and enjoy the competition by relaxing a little. Singing ‘I Feel Good’, tries to maximize the stage while being on the beat, showing some dance moves and giving his smiles. Lea said it was the right way to start the Live Shows. Sarah said that he made her felt good and proud. She was happy with his confidence.

Watch The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Team Sarah Monique Lualhati, Poppert Bernadas and Jason Fernandez Live Shows January 24
Monique was challenged by Sarah to make the song ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’ as her own. Her coached asked her to make God as her inspiration as God’s love is unconditional. In her red dress, Monique made sure her voice and presence will fill the resorts World Manila. Bamboo said that the song choice had been great for her and that she did a good job. Sarah said that Monique is a total package with talent, looks and humility.

Sarah said that Jason’s emotions had been overflowing through the song during his rehearsal. Surely, Sarah commented, that the song ‘Hangang’ is dedicated to his family. Apl said that he was impressed with his versatility. Sarah shared that the sincerity have been felt and the performance was beautiful.

The Live Shows also gives the power to the viewers to decide which artist goes to the next round. Coaches will choose an artist who will go on continuing in the competition.

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