The second batch of artists gears up in hope to successfully survive The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Live Shows on January 31, 2015. The Top 6 of each team are grilled to get into a better shape and survive towards the next round of the competition.

For Team Bamboo, Arnee, Rence and Tanya will try to out best each other to secure a slot to the next stage of The Voice of the Philippines.

Watch The Performance of Arnee Hidalgo, Rence Rapanot and Tanya Diaz of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Team Bamboo
Rence Rapanot sung ‘Malayo Pa and Umaga’ to reminisce his hardship. He shared the story of how he used to fervently sing in the rice fields but now he sings in a stage known worldwide. Bamboo asked Rence to be consistently clear. Rence promised to fight until the end. Lea shared that he was impressive. Bamboo thanked Lea for the compliment for Rence and he told his artist to always show who he really is.
‘Malayo Pa and Umaga’ Performed by Rence Rapanot

Arnee sung ‘Crazy In Love’ by Beyonce. Bamboo asked her to lose herself in the song. She said that she will try her best for those who inspires her. Sarah said that the performance was perfect and she said that Sam, Arnee’s son must be proud. Bamboo said that the intensity and hunger to win the competition had been felt.
‘Crazy In Love’ Performed by Arnee Hidalgo
Tanya hopes that as she sings ‘Natural Woman’, people will enjoy her music. Apl said that it was a hot performance and she was versatile. She did well. Bamboo said that she was given such a wonderful gift. She has the tenderness in her voice and she was special because of her vulnerability.
‘Natural Woman’ Performed by Tanya Diaz
The most number of votes will save the artist from being left behind. The voting lines are now open. The viewers can now choose who between Casper, Miro and Timmy are they going to give their prescious votes.

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