A viral video showing a woman falling flat after ripping on the luggage of an unknown man had been going around Facebook since it was uploaded by Charlotte Lopez Hofilena in January 26, 2015. The woman who was tripped is her mother Rosario Hofilena.

According to the description accompanying the video, the incident happened in Bacolod-Silay Airport on April 2014. Neither the said airport nor the Cebu Pacific had made contact with them and there seemed to be no effort to identify the man who owned the bag that tripped her mother. Her mom was said to have suffered serious injuries and needed to have therapy and medications.

Viral Video of Man Abandoning a Woman Who Trips on His Bag
Both of her parents was said to have gone through a trauma since the incident. Also, she said that neither party, the airport, the man nor the airline gave any financial help. She then recently took to Facebook to vent her feelings and asked for help in identifying the man who seemed to be the one who could be responsible for the said incident.

In the CCTV footage, Rosario Hofilena is seen waiting in the predeparture area at the airport waiting for her luggage. The man in yellow shirt got his bag ahead of the lady and put it beside her.Hofilena soon got her bag but accidentally tripped with the man’s bag who instead of helping her decided to just walk away.
The said video currently has more than 919 thousand views and has been shared more than 18 thousand times as of writing.

Many netizens expressed their disappointment over the airport management. Many say that the airport should have helped with the man’s identification and with the victim’s hospitalization as the incident happened in its vicinity. Many also commented that the man should have helped the woman rather than just walking away like nothing happened.

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