Kathryn Bernardo’s photo had been circulating over the internet as she seemed to be in a new never before seen character. People are used to the sweet Kathryn, making it interesting to see her in a photo jumping over a wooden cart sporting gray raiser back over a black spaghetti strapped tank top with black jacket and black pants.

Behind the Teen Queen is her king chasing after her wearing plain red jersey, gray shorts and a pair of slippers. It is not clear why he was running after her, but this really seemed to have a story way different from the one people are used to.

Viral Photo of Kathryn Bernardo Jumping Over a Wooden Cart  for their New Movie Project Together with Daniel Padilla
Bernardo expressed her excitement with their new movie "Crazy Beautiful You" as it had been months since she had her last movie ‘She’s Dating the Gangster,’ with her onscreen love team partner Daniel Padilla.

With the working title of “There Was A Boy, There Was A Girl,” the movie was set to be on theaters after the Valentines Day, February 25, 2015. Bernardo will portray the character of Jackie while Daniel will be Kiko. Jackie is a rich girl who loves to party while Kiko is a simple guy much different with their characters in She’s Dating the Gangster which had been box office hit in the year 2014.

The Teen Royalties will be joined by veteran actors Lorna Tolentino and Gabby Conception under the direction of Czarina Mae Cruz who also directed ‘Bride For Rent’, ‘I Do’, ‘Magkaribal’ and ‘Babe, I Love You’.

KathNiel Fans expressed their excitement for their Idols as they will once again see them on the big screen in just a month. Behind the scenes photos had been circulating.

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