The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 finally is ready for the Live Shows after every camp had already narrowed down with six contenders. Team Bamboo was the last to enter the Knock out Rounds on January 18, 2015.

The third group had been announced by Bamboo. RnB singer Arnee Hialdgo had chosen ‘Fallin’ while aspiring rock stars Tanya Diaz and Lougee Basabas sang their renditions of “I Remember You” and “Chain of Fools” respectively.
The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Knock Out Rounds Team Bamboo; Arnee Hialdgo, Tanya Diaz and Lougee Basabas
Lougee prove that she can also be a solo artist aside from the singer from Mojofly. Bamboo asked her to lighten up her high tones. Arnee  had been performing for a while. Bamboo said she was able to show her charms and the vocal she had. Tanya was driven by her family. Bamboo said that her song is classical. It was a personal song for her and he reminded her not to be too much emotional. He asked her to just fire away.

Apl said that the three had intense performance. He said the most intense was Tanya. Lea said that Arnee had showed the most improvement. Sarah said that Arnee had been really different. Bamboo said that Tanya had been on fire and deserves to be on Live Shows. The last one to join top six of Camp Kawayan was Arnee.

Before the show ends, Bamboo had given an important announcement. Joniver Robles was not able to continue in the show due to personal reasons. Rita will be getting the slot in his place instead as subjected by The Voice international rules.

Arnee Hidalgo and Tanya Diaz were the last addition joining Rence Rapanot and Kai Honasan to move on to the live shows together with Rita Martinez and Karlo Mojica as part of the Top Six to represent Team Bamboo and try to catch the title of The Voice of the Philippines.

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