The Voice of the Philippines continues to find the the best talent that will be able to put the country in awe, on January 17, 2014, Tean Sarah will go on through the Knock Out Rounds to know who among the team’s contenders will be able to survive towards the Live Shows.

The third group to go on the Knockout rounds had been decided. Jason Fernandez sang “Push”, Kokoi Baldo performed “Bilog Na Naman ang Buwan” and Shaira Cervancia delivered “Don’t Stop Believing”. The three were combined because of their ability to deliver their performances despite the pressure.
Jason F. Wanted to do Push as a motivation itself. Sarah expressed honor to have him in her team. Shaira was able to catch Sarah’s attention because of the voice. The coach said that she wanted to see her versatility and a smooth performance. Kokoi said that his song had been a tribute to its original singer. Sarah asked him to enjoy the song itself.
People had jived with the four chair turner and bamboo said that Koki had owned the stage itself. Apl said that he would pick Jason if the decision was up to him. Lea said that Kokoi had ben a complete performance.
Sarah voiced out that she regretted letting go of the artists. She welcomed kokoi baldo in her Top Six to which Luis seemed to voice out that it was no surprise. The next named artist was Jason Fernandez.
Monique Lualhati and Poppert Bernadas who were the firsts to enter the top six of Team Sarah had been joined by Douglas Dagal and Jason Dy from the second group followed by Kokoi Baldo and Jason Fernandez. Sarah then completed her top six to go on to the live shows.

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