‘Heart Dance’ is the new dance craze in South Korea that seemed to have kicked aside the cute steps of ‘Gwiyomi’, the song that literally means ‘cute person’ in Hangeul. With the kick off of the year 2015, Heart Dance caught in the mainstream of YouTube as many young female Koreans make their own versions, recording themselves while doing the gestures accompanied with heart video effects.

The New Dance Craze in South Korea the ‘Heart Dance’
Dubbed as the successor of Gwiyomi, ‘Heart Dance’ comprised of beats that gets faster and cute simple steps that are easy to follow yet confusing for some. Korean girls follow the simple steps and make various videos which usually has a hearts video effect floating around. Some netizens say the the hearts are somewhat distracting.

Guys won’t let girls get ahead of them as they also made video of themselves. Many shared that guys seemed cuter when they do the Heart Dance since they seemed shy and awkward. Heart Dance involves making heart shapes with hands, gun gestures and waving. Others include winking.
One of the most famous version was uploaded by C4 Music Group. The girl with mime makeup flawlessly did the routine. Uploaded since December 7, 2014, her video had been watched for more than 500,000 times with more than a thousand likes.
In 2013, Gwiyomi had taken the country by storm. Various artists and personalities uploaded their video doing the steps of Gwiyomi. The ‘Cute Song’ had been popularized by South Korean K-PoP artist, Hari. The song and steps had gone viral not only in South Korea but also in many other countries.

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