Senators and Congressmen had reached an agreement to postpone Sanguniang Kabataan, The SK Election period was suppose to officially begin on January 22, 2015, about a month before the actual election on February 21. Around 2.5 million youth ages 15 to 17 are expected to participate.

The SK or Youth Council election period was first announced to run from January 22 till March 2, 2015. Though it is the SK, certain bans and prohibitions will be strictly implemented like the national elections.

According to Comelec Resolution 9905, carrying deadly weapons and firearms, alteration of SK Precinct territory, illegally releasing of prisoners, use of bodyguards by candidates, having strike force are all prohibited.

SK 'Sangguniang Kabataan' or Youth Council Election to be held on January 22 to March 2, 2015
There are additional banned acts supposed from January 22 to February 21 such as promotions, issuance of appointments, creation of new positions, agencies,giving of salary increases in government offices, and instrumentalities and raising of funds through lotteries, dances, cockfights and others as such. Liquor ban will also be implemented on the election day.

Sangguniang Kabataan polls was set on October 28, 2013 but had been postponed by the government. This gives some time for the Congress to legislate some reformations in youth representation system.

SK is considered to be further postponed till October 2016 since the two houses of the Congress have different approaches for the youth council. In the end, Comelec had finally decided to that SK will finally take place this year though it was on December 2014 that House Bill 5209 passed on third reading postponing the SK polls.

SK legislature implementation is still yet to be passed and Comelec seemed to side with the postponement siting that money may be wasted should the poll pushes through since the term will still end by October 2016.

Senate and Congress had reached the decision to postpone the SK election but Comelec is still yet to receive an order.

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